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Happy fall, y'all.

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

It's Wednesday, September 22nd and fall is finally here. For those of us who love crisp moonlit nights around the fire, cool river breezes, lazy walks down colorful tree-lined streets, nature hikes in the warm afternoon sunshine with leaves crunching under our shoes, cozy sweaters, all things pumpkin and apple, and...well, we could go on and on...this is OUR time.

While we think #WPKW is a special place to visit all year-round, autumn is an especially beautiful season in our region. From amazing sunrises and sunsets over the Mattaponi, Pamunkey, and York Rivers, to the colorful scenes found in the King William countryside, and everything in between, the Town of West Point and King William truly show off in the fall.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a fun girls’ trip, a new adventure, or simply a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, we invite you to check out our short list of the many experiences you can enjoy in our region.

West Point and King William offer historic bed and breakfasts as well as cozy Airbnbs, complete with lovely porches, river views, and fire pits, all perfect for snuggling with a loved one under a warm blanket or spending quality time with your girlfriends.

Our nearby wineries and breweries are featuring fall releases, live music, and unique cuisine. Our shops, boutiques, and antique stores are filled with fall décor, holiday treasures, coastal gifts, and more. Our restaurants are highlighting fresh local seafood specials, including oysters and crabs, both regional fall favorites. Our ice cream parlor and hometown bakery are offering delicious fall-inspired coffee, ice cream flavors, baked goods, and more.

We could write a novel about all of the amazing opportunities to celebrate the season in West Point and King William, but we want you to visit and find out for yourself. We know you’ll fall in love.

From colorful tree-lined streets in historic downtown West Point to foggy fields in the quiet King William countryside, and everything in between, our region is truly one special place this time of year. We invite you to visit and stay awhile…for a different point of view.

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