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30 Things to See & Do in King William County, Virginia

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

water sprayer over field

From visiting artisan farms to kayaking down the scenic Mattaponi River to shopping in quaint boutiques, there's much to see and do in King William County and the Town of West Point.

To pay homage to historic Route 30, which runs through the heart of King William, we've compiled 30 Things to See & Do during your next visit!

“As a lifelong resident of the City of Richmond, I'm always looking for opportunities to escape the busy city life and center myself. I found my recent visit to King William County and the Town of West Point to be just the peace I needed after a long and busy week.”

The following list is just an example of all of the unique experiences King William has to offer. We invite you to venture off the beaten path and share your own experiences with us here on our blog.

1. King William Courthouse and Historical Museum

king william county courthouse

The King William County Courthouse was built around 1725. The one-room, T-shaped, hipped-roof structure likely replaced the original wooden frame courthouse structure. The historic building is not only the county’s oldest public building, but is purportedly the oldest public building in use in Virginia and the oldest courthouse of English foundation in continuous use in the United States.

The courthouse was constructed of brick laid in Flemish bond. It is one of only three surviving Virginia courthouses – the others being Charles City County and Hanover County – with an arcade or a piazza imitating the first colonial capital in Williamsburg. The building is considered one of the finest examples of early colonial brickwork and courthouse design. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources, which maintains the Virginia Landmarks Register, considers the courthouse to be the best preserved of Virginia’s eleven colonial era court buildings.


Housed within the King William County Courthouse is the Historical Museum. The Museum is designed to be representative of the geography and multi-cultural background of the county, and is open to the public to promote education, understanding and appreciation of King William's common heritage through visitation, field trips, and research. To learn more and plan your visit: (Picture and Summary Credit: King William County and King William County Historical Society)

2. Sandy Point State Forest

sandy point state forest

The 2,053-acre Sandy Point State Forest is located approximately 13 miles southeast of Central Garage off Route 30 at the end of Route 641. This serene state forest is characterized by abundant water resources. There are 180 acres of tidal wetland and 288 acres of non-tidal wetland in the forest.

pond surrounded by trees

The forest has approximately four-miles of frontage on the Mattaponi River. There are five miles of perennial streams, and three miles of intermittent streams with associated areas of wetland.

Enjoy biking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, running, walking, and wildlife watching.

For more information, visit (Picture and Summary Credit: Virginia Department of Forestry)

3. Glass Island Boat Landing, Fishing Pier, & Kayak Launch

boat in water at a marina

Glass Island Boat Landing is owned and managed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and is located in the Town of West Point. This popular facility offers fresh and saltwater fishing access, a boat ramp, picnicking facilities, a kayak/canoe launch, parking for approximately 35 vehicles and trailers, and expansive views of the Mattaponi River and Lord Delaware Bridge.

sandy kayak launch with bridge in background

To visit Glass Island, turn left on Glass Island Road just before reaching the Lord Delaware Bridge and follow the road to the parking lot. For more information about Glass Island as well as to obtain a fishing license, please visit

(Picture and Summary Credit: Town of West Point)

4. King William Alpacas


King William Alpacas is a medium-size farm located in historic King William County. The farm was founded in December 2003 on reclaimed forested farmland that included a mature timber tract flattened by Hurricane Isabel. While under construction, King William Alpacas’ owners found 17th Century artifacts from previous residents, including English trade ware, soft bricks, and pottery shards.

King William Alpacas is open for farm visits by appointment as well as for herd health days, which are days where the owners will help educate potential new alpaca owners on how to take care of alpacas.

To plan your tour of King William Alpacas or to purchase alpaca

products such as home décor, jewelry, clothing, and more, visit

(Picture and Summary Credit: King William Alpacas)

5. Pamunkey Indian Museum & Cultural Center

indian museum

The Pamunkey Indian Reservation is a Native American reservation located in King William. The reservation lies along the peaceful Pamunkey River. The Pamunkey Reservation contains approximately 1200 acres of land, of which 500 acres include wetlands and creeks.

The reservation was confirmed to the

Pamunkey tribe as early as 1658 by the Governor, the Council, and the General Assembly of Virginia. The treaty of 1677 between the King of England, acting through the Governor of Virginia, and several Native American tribes including the Pamunkey is the most important existing document describing Virginia’s relationship towards Indian land.

The Pamunkey tribe early ancestors had locations as far north as the Middle Peninsula of Virginia and as far south as southern Hampton Roads Virginia. A burial mound, reported to contain the remains of Chief Powhatan, Father of Pocahontas, is also located on this Reservation next to the railroad tracks.

Powhatan’s brother, Opechancanough, is also buried on the Reservation.

To plan your visit to the Pamunkey Indian Museum & Culture Center, please visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Pamunkey Indian Tribe)

6. The Exchange on Main

the exchange on main logo

Located in historic downtown West Point in the former Exchange Hotel building, The Exchange on Main features multiple boutique and antique shopping opportunities. From vintage treasures to reclaimed wood furniture to coastal decor, The Exchange on Main offers something for everyone. Visit The Exchange on Facebook for more information and store hours. (Picture and Summary Credit: The Exchange on Main)

7. Historic Chelsea

historic brick home

Situated on the banks of the Mattaponi River in King William County, Historic Chelsea offers a farm feel, waterfront vista, and the elegance of Southern historic charm. Recently reopened, Historic Chelsea is a sought after event venue for weddings and other large celebrations.

historic brick home with copper roof

Historic Chelsea also partners with local chefs to offer uniquely curated gourmet meals in a beautiful outdoor setting on the banks of the Mattaponi River. To learn more, ensure you follow Historic Chelsea on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our feature blog post about one of our area's most treasured landmarks.

Property Facts:

old boat house

Situated on the shores of the Mattaponi River in King William County, Historic Chelsea is owned by Erik Richardson and Christie Richardson Miller. In 2012, the Richardson family worked with the Williamsburg Land Conservancy (now Historic Virginia Land Conservancy) to protect the homestead in perpetuity.

Historic Chelsea was built in 1709 by Colonel Augustine Moore, a socially and politically well-connected gentleman and a highly successful tobacco entrepreneur in the Tidewater area.

The property contains prime agricultural soil and is farmed. There are numerous springs, marshes, small wetlands, and streams. The land is home to extensive wildlife and plant species and also contains mature forests. The grounds surrounding the historic home encompass nearly five acres of lawn with extensive English Boxwood gardens overlooking the Mattaponi River. The house is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Historic Registry. The surrounding curtilage includes historic buildings, such as a school house, smokehouse, kitchen, seed building, milking parlor, a barn with two silos, and a wash house.

Historical moments at Chelsea include the following:

♦ During the Revolutionary War, General Lafayette encamped there during the campaign of 1781.

♦ Robert E. Lee’s grandmother was born and married there.

♦ Thomas Jefferson attended the wedding of his best friend Dr. John Walker at Historic Chelsea.

♦ The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe was formed at Historic Chelsea by Governor Spottswood.

♦ Captain John Smith passed by Historic Chelsea on his way to Chief Powhatan at Werewocomoco when he was taken captive.

Historic Chelsea is a treasure that the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy is thrilled to protect. This land has natural beauty, history and stories that will be shared and preserved for the next generation. (Picture and Summary Credit: Historic Chelsea & Historic Virginia Land Conservancy)

8. Halterman's Eatery

workers at a restaurant

Halterman’s Eatery is a family-owned restaurant offering award-winning seafood, as well as everyday American favorites.

steak in a skillet

If you’re craving seafood, a great burger, or maybe breakfast all day, Halterman’s has a dish for every palate.

Awards: Style Weekly First Place Fresh Local Seafood Restaurant 2018, Richmond Times Dispatch Top 3 Best Hidden Gem, Best Seafood Restaurant 2018 & 2019, Virginia is for Lovers Top 19 Seafood Restaurants 2016, and Southern Living Magazine Best Seafood Shacks East Coast 2019. To check out the menu and plan your trip, visit

(Credit: Halterman's Eatery)

9. Riverwatch Farm

lady holding a baby goat with two goats on ground

Located in King William County, Riverwatch Farm's owners became accidental farmers right before their retirement years. Riverwatch offers goat cuddling and bottle feeding sessions, farm tours, fresh dairy products, artisan soap, milking demonstrations, herdshares, and more.

To book your session or plan your visit, click And, make sure you follow Riverwatch on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss all the latest announcements as well as photos and videos of cute, cuddly baby goats! (We promise - you'll thank us!) (Pictures and Summary Credit: Riverwatch Farm)

10. Three Rivers Seafood

outdoor restaurant on river

Located in downtown West Point at 7th Street on the Mattaponi River, Three Rivers Seafood offers riverside dining with a menu of fresh and local seafood, including crabs, oysters, fish, and shrimp, as well as non-seafood dishes, craft beer, wine, and more! Three Rivers also features a fresh market with local favorites such as crab and shrimp dips, ready-to-cook seafood and accompaniments, and cold drinks. The Market also offers live bait, ice, baked goods, snacks, and gifts. Come by water, fuel up and dock your boat, and enjoy a delicious meal by the river. Visit Three Rivers on Facebook or call 804-297-6496 to order your seafood and plan your trip. (Picture and Summary Credit: Three Rivers Seafood)

11. Historic Beach Park, Downtown West Point

flowering tree by a river

Located on 1st and Main Streets in downtown West Point at the confluence of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers, Beach Park offers expansive views of the scenic York River. Nestled between historic homes along 1st Street, including the birthplace of West Point’s own Lieutenant General Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in US history, Beach Park features a soft

sandy beach and a grassy area perfect for sunning and picnicking.

close-up of sandy beach

Bring your beach chairs and enjoy the gentle waves of the York, or launch your kayak and paddle the peaceful waterways surrounding the peninsula.

(Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point)

12. Wyatt-Ogg Furniture Company

people walking in a small downtown

For over 65 years, Wyatt-Ogg Furniture Company has been proud to call the Town of West Point home. Wyatt-Ogg Furniture is a family owned retailer of furniture (indoor and outdoor), bedding, appliances, floor coverings, electronics, and home decor. Wyatt-Ogg's mission is to provide customers with the best possible pricing, loyalty, and customer service in the furniture industry.

people sitting outside a furniture store

The company offers free delivery and free set-up within a 50 mile radius and 12 Month Interest Free Financing for qualified buyers. Visit Wyatt Ogg's showroom in historic downtown West Point or enjoying browsing inventory online. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Wyatt-Ogg Furniture Company, Consociate Media, & Town of West Point)

13. Zoar State Forest

kayak on creek

Zoar State Forest is a great place for hiking, wildlife-watching, paddling, and fishing. This 378-acre site lies along the slow and alluring Mattaponi River. You can launch a canoe at a put-in along Herring Creek in the forest, paddle a short distance to the Mattaponi, and float and paddle about 4 miles to the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries boat landing at Aylett. The trip takes about 2½ to 4 hours.

Hiking at Zoar includes the 1.4-mile Mattaponi Bluffs Nature Trail and the nearly half-mile Herring Creek Loop Nature Trail. You might even see some gorgeous, red cardinal flowers.

tree with steps laying over river

The Zoar property was donated to the Virginia Department of Forestry in 1987. As for the name ... when English settlers arrived at Jamestown in 1607, at least eight Indian towns lay along the Mattaponi, including one in the Zoar area called Passahunkack.

"When Robert Pollard acquired the land and built his home there in the late 1700s, the village of Aylett was a thriving commercial center with a racetrack, gambling and drinking,” a Department of Forestry brochure says. “Pollard thought of the town as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. He named his homeplace Mount Zoar, after the Biblical town spared upon the destruction of those two cities."

For more information, please visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Virginia Department of Forestry)

14. West Point Museum and Historical Society

historic building

Located in historic downtown West Point, the West Point Museum and Historical Society offers a unique and fascinating view of West Point’s storied past as a resort and port town.

The Historical Society of West Point was established in 2008 and, in 2015, acquired this building for the creation of a local museum. The sturdy brick structure began its life as a branch office of the L. E. Mumford Banking Company. It took its place among a number of brick buildings erected on D (now Main) Street in the wake of a devastating 1903 fire that leveled the town’s largely frame-constructed business district. Mumford, a Cape Charles merchandiser, had moved into the financial sector in 1895, establishing a dozen branch banks in eastern Virginia and Southern Maryland before he sold his banking assets to invest in seafood and real estate in 1915.

historic building

Subsequently, the building housed a number of businesses, including a florist shop. Despite many changes over the years, much of the bank’s original features remain, including the original vault and a colorful mosaic floor.


This historic museum displays artifacts that illuminate West Point’s long and interesting history and features a beautiful Reflection Garden tucked in a quiet space along Main Street. For more information, visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point and Historical Society of West Point)

15. Queenfield Golf Club

stone sign that says Queenfield plantation

Queenfield Golf Club is a beautifully secluded 18 hole course located in Manquin, Virginia. Amenities include a spacious 20 station driving range, practice putting green, practice bunker, pitching green, and a USGTF Certified Teaching Professional on staff. Hotdogs, snacks, and cold beverages are available at the turn.

golf course and trees

Five tee lengths provide a course for every type of golfer. Queenfield's L93 bentgrass greens are some of the highest quality putting greens in the state. Visit to learn more and book your tee time. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point and Queenfield Golf Club)

16. Hollyfield Manor

bride in front of manor house

Hollyfield Manor is a historic eighteenth-century home overlooking a serene pond and lush farmland in King William County. The beautiful home has endured through nearly 300 years of American history. It was one of several plantations in King William and New Kent once owned by the Honorable Burwell Bassett, an intimate friend and brother-in-law to President George Washington. The Bassett family called the plantation Bassettaire.

The Manor overlooks an expansive view of Hollyfield Pond, a 28 acre lake. The property showcases a massive red equestrian barn, a thousand acres of well manicured farm lands, spectacular views of the sunset, and an elegantly appointed reception facility. This venue offers a plantation, waterfront, barn, and ballroom options for your special event. To learn more and take a tour, visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Hollyfield Manor)

17. Divin' Off the Dock

small store with flag

Located in quaint downtown West Point on 6th Street, this popular boutique offers fashionable women's clothing, unique coastal decor, jewelry and accessories, gifts and more. Step back in time and take in the history of the building as you enter the cozy one-story boutique that once housed West Point's police station, office of Parks and Recreation, and West Point's first public library.

brick sign that says divin off the dock

Enjoy this excerpt from West Point's Walking Tour, written by Reverend Bill Palmer: "For twenty-four years following the 1870 incorporation of West Point as a town, the Town Council met in the back rooms of businesses owned by council members or in the Mason Lodge building that once stood at the southeast corner of Main and Fifth Streets. By 1894, West Point's growth called for a dedicated municipal space, and the first Town Hall and an adjacent jail were erected on Sixth Street between Main and Kirby Streets. Continued growth led to construction of the current Town Hall on this site in the 1930s. The 1894 frame building was moved one block to the east and after that time served the community in a number of roles, including police station, office of Parks and Recreation, and West Point's first public library." To browse virtually, visit Divin' Off the Dock on Facebook and Instagram. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point, Reverend Bill Balmer, and Divin' Off the Dock)

18. Mattaponi Indian Reservation & The Mattapony Reserve

We are the Mattaponi, the “people of the river.” We have been in this region for over 15,000 years. The Mattaponi River will always remain the lifeblood of our tribe and an important part of our culture. Contemporary Mattaponi tribal life is still based deeply in the traditions of our ancestors, such as being faithful to our treaties and living in harmony with the natural world, while at the same time we have adapted to an ever-changing life in the Tidewater Virginia. 

The Reservation sits on the banks of the Mattaponi River, one of the most pristine rivers in the eastern United States.  Facilities on the Reservation today include living quarters, a Baptist Church, a Museum, a Trading Post, a Fish Hatchery, a Marine Science Center, Mattapony Reserve, and a Community Tribal building that was formerly the Reservation school.

church with sun rising behind it

The Mattaponi people strive to promote and share their culture through events and gatherings, such as the Mattaponi annual powwow, held on the third Saturday of June. Suitable for the entire family, it is open to the public. To learn more, visit

The Mattapony Reserve, located high on the banks of the pristine Mattaponi River, features an all-natural wine and savory food tasting room, a museum filled with 10,000 plus year old relics, a riverside dining and wedding venue, and a store where you can purchase one-of-a-kind baskets, pottery, jewelry, and more handcrafted by Native American artisans.

As each season unfolds, take in the splendid beauty of the land that is sure to captivate. With Bald Eagle nests nearby, visitors will likely have many Bald Eagle sightings, perhaps including parent eagles teaching their young to fly, dive, and fish.

We encourage you to follow Mattapony Reserve on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest menu, vintages, and more. To learn more and subscribe to the Mattapony Reserve's mailing list, visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Mattaponi Nation, Mattaponi Indian Baptist Church, and Mattapony Reserve)

19. Pearls and Chicks Boutique

"We are a little bit country and a whole lot of class!" Located in the heart of King William County in a serene rural setting and voted one of Richmond's Best in 2022, Pearls and Chicks features men and women's clothing, jewelry, gift items, and much more. With brands like Ivory Ella, Old South Apparel, Tailored South, Old Whaling Company, and many more, there are treasures waiting for you at Pearls and Chicks.

Pearls and Chicks began as an online business, but so many women wanted to physically shop in a store that owner, Lindsay, and her husband renovated a beautiful old barn on their property in King William and Pearls and Chicks was born!

To shop online or plan your trip to the rustic yet chic barn, visit Also, follow on Facebook and Instagram for announcements regarding the latest arrivals! (Pictures and Summary Credit: Pearls and Chicks)

20. The Blue Crab of WP

According to locals, you can't find better Brussels Sprouts anywhere else! Located in historic downtown West Point just steps from the York River, The Blue Crab of WP offers everything from fresh local seafood to fried chicken and pulled pork to burgers and sandwiches, and an amazing brunch on the weekends.

While fan favorites are too many to list, locals and visitors alike love The Blue Crab of WP's endless shrimp on Thursdays and refreshing cocktails during weekend brunch. Check out the menu at and follow Facebook for specials! (Pictures and Summary Credit: Reviews and The Blue Crab of WP)

21. West Point Riverwalk Trail

pier and sunrise

Whether it's walking, cycling, or jogging, West Point’s Riverwalk Trail offers a peaceful and scenic opportunity to enjoy local waterways, including the Mattaponi River and West Point Creek. From the West Point Kayak Launch at 1302 Lee Street, take the boardwalk along West Point Creek and follow Riverwalk Trail under the Lord Delaware Bridge. Make sure you stop at the scenic overlooks before you go under the bridge. This historic area is near the site of the former Indian village of Cinquotek, home of Opechancanough, brother of Chief Powhatan. Historians believe that this was the site where Captain John Smith was taken as a prize captive in 1607.

creek and blue sky

The trail continues to the West Point Farmers Market. From there, you can head to Glass Island Road toward the right and follow the road down to Glass Island Boat Launch and Fishing Pier. After you take in the sights, head back to the corner of Glass Island Road and Chelsea Road (near the Farmers Market). Take a right down Chelsea and enjoy the sights along the marsh. You can continue down Chelsea if you'd like (the Town of West Point is connected via sidewalks) or turn around after the foot bridge and head back to the scenic overlooks on the Mattaponi. Along the Riverwalk Trail, you are sure to see a variety of wildlife and native plants, including herons, ospreys, bald eagles, cranes, otters, muskrats, blue crabs, fiddler crabs, deer, and more. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point)

22. Horn's West Point Ace Hardware

Located on 14th Street near West Point Creek and the Lord Delaware Bridge, Horn's West Point Ace Hardware is a must stop when visiting West Point. Not only is Ace a full-service hardware store featuring a full compliment of lawn and garden, paint, hardware, plumbing, and electrical items, but you can find home decor, river gifts, apparel from brands such as Simply Southern, drinkware, and much, much more. While you're there, don't forget to take your picture in the store's famous giant Adirondack chairs! Learn more about the store on its website and follow Ace on Facebook for new product and sale announcements. (Picture and Summary Credit: West Point Ace Hardware)

23. Seven Springs Farm & Historic Venue

sign that says seven springs

A picturesque estate, Seven Springs farm and event venue features a stunning campus of historic dwelling spaces and lush manicured grounds. With accommodations for daytime and overnight guests, Seven Springs is the perfect location for large outdoor weddings, farm to table dinners, corporate retreats and more.

Seven Springs offers the classic elegance of Southern tradition within the rustic and approachable setting of a historic estate and working heritage livestock farm. Nestled within over 100 acres, the heart of the campus is an early eighteenth century home surrounded by a collection of inviting living and entertaining spaces. Seven Springs features a relaxed atmosphere with natural, organic elements and a modern edge.

bride holding goat

"At Seven Springs, we believe in the importance of our connection to the community and environment. We are developing our farm for the purpose of raising heritage breed animals and heirloom vegetables.  We have begun our journey with the Hog Island Sheep. Descended from colonial sheep breeds brought to America in the 1600's, this breed originated on Hog Island, a barrier island off the coast of Virginia. The sheep numbered into the hundreds at the peak in the early 20th century, but are now categorized by the Livestock Conservancy as in 'critical' condition. The forest and grounds at Seven Springs are now home to one of the largest flocks of Hog Island Sheep in the country. We strive to maintain and grow the breed and encourage others to do the same!" 

To learn more about Seven Springs and schedule your tour for your next event, school tour, or educational group, visit (Pictures and Summary Credit: Seven Springs)

24. West Point Town Park

kids on a playground

Located in the heart of downtown West Point between 8th and 9th streets, West Point Town Park features a playground, picnic area, and West Point's Town Park Stage. By day, Town Park offers a shaded state-of-the-art playground for children with swings and a large climbing structure, as well as benches for parents to relax.

concert at night

By night, West Point's Town Park Stage transforms into a lively concert venue with its free Summer Jammin' On the Point Concert Series that features artists from around Virginia. Town Park Stage is also a highlight of West Point's famous Crab Carnival with bands taking the stage throughout both days of the event. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point)

25. Acquinton Church

Acquinton Church, located at 5703 Acquinton Church Rd, was one of four early colonial churches built in King William County, possibly on an earlier chapel site dating from 1690.

The walls are actually the remainder of a north wing that had projected from the center of a much larger, rectangular church that was built on the site around 1734. This wing was added sometime between 1755-1765 due to an increase in population, making the church a T-shape or cruciform structure.

Acquinton began as an Anglican parish church, a branch of the Church of England, prior to the Revolutionary War. After the war, other denominations gained popularity, and the Episcopalians (Anglicans) abandoned the church around 1800. It was freely used by Baptists, Methodists, and other congregations such as the “Campbellites” (led by Alexander Campbell) until the Civil War.

As a result of the hard times that fell upon the South after the war, the church fell into disrepair and was vacant for years, until the Methodists bought it in the 1870s. They tore down the original 1734 structure, and remodeled and extended the north wing, producing the present structure that stands at the site today.

The colonial glazed header Flemish bond brickwork can still be seen in the walls, as well as the colonial English bond brickwork in the beveled water table. The original colonial rounded window arches are still visible above the newer Gothic-style arches that the Methodists remodeled.

Several tombstones from the early 20th century remain in the churchyard, although there are many other unmarked ones as well.

Behind the church are the remains of a glebe house (a glebe property referred to the tract of land presented to a parson by an Episcopal parish for him to live near the church that he would be rector of). Across the street from the church are the remains of a 19th century general store (Warner-Edwards store), at which men enlisted for the Civil War.

The presence of these ruins at an intersection indicate that it was once a hub of community activity; an ideal location for people to congregate for not only religious activities, but social, commercial, and political ones as well.

Visit the King William County Historical Society's website to learn more about the Stabilization of Acquinton Church:

(Pictures and Summary Credit: King William County Historical Society)

26. Old St. John's Church

Old St. John's Church, dating from 1734, has been beautifully restored through an effort of over 80 years by the St. John's Church Restoration Association. Its exterior looks the same today as in 1734. The original interior furnishings have not survived, but have been recreated based upon research into the interiors of other churches from this period. Electricity, heating and air conditioning have been installed. While regular Sunday services are not held, Old St. John's Church is available for weddings, receptions, christenings, family reunions, musical programs, and meetings. Visit Old St. John's website to learn more. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Old St. John's Church and

27. Dreaming Tree Farms

Dreaming Tree Farms, known throughout Central and Eastern Virginia for its popular farm-to-table salad kits, is located in Aylett. Dreaming Tree Farms' fresh salads contain produce grown at its farm as well as from artisan farmers from around the region who specialize in herbicide and pesticide free farming.

In addition to fresh salads, Dreaming Tree Farms also features up-cycled, handcrafted products as well as a beautiful venue for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. Visit the farm's website to learn more about salad subscriptions, farm life, products for sale, or to plan your special event.

(Pictures and Summary Credit: Dreaming Tree Farms)

28. 360 Hardware

In the heart of rural King William County, you'll find 360 Hardware, a locally owned hardware store that's so much more. From hardware to feed, live poultry and fowl, equipment and party rental, paint, fashion, jewelry, home decor, gifts, and more - there's something for everyone. If you're looking for brands like YETI, Simply Southern, Stihl, Toro, and more, 360 Hardware is a must stop.

To plan your visit, follow 360 Hardware and on Facebook. (Pictures and Summary Credit: 360 Hardware)

29. Historic Downtown West Point

water tower in downtown setting

The Town of West Point has a long and unique history related to its location in Colonial Virginia and its American Indian heritage. West Point was once the site of an Indian village named Cinquoteck, chief village of Opechancanough, brother of Chief Powhatan. Historians believe that this was the site where Captain John Smith was taken as a prize captive in 1607. Later, in 1664, the West Point area became part of a large land grant made to Captain John West. In 1691, an act by the General Assembly arranged the purchase from West Point Plantation of 50 acres of land for the development of Delaware Town. A rail line was completed in 1859 to White House across the Pamunkey from West Point, and, in 1860, an iron drawbridge was built across the river. All of this was destroyed during the Civil War. Only four houses from that time survive today.

West Point became an incorporated town in 1870 and soon became a thriving commercial port and resort destination. The City of Richmond used West Point as its eastern shipping terminus. Traffic included schooners, then later steamships and barges. West Point was also the first terminus for the Richmond York River Railroad, another factor in the Town's growth. West Point became a destination for socializing and recreation. The Terminal Hotel stood at the site of the existing Beach Park and was a popular attraction for both tourists and visitors. After the decline of tourism, a shipyard built in 1917 and a pulp mill built in 1918 revitalized the Town.

drone photo overlooking small town

Today, downtown West Point's historic tree-lined Main Street is home to boutique and antique shops such as The Exchange on Main and Divin' Off the Dock, the popular home furnishings store, Wyatt-Ogg Furniture Company, as well as local eateries where you can find some of the best seafood around - The Blue Crab of WP and Three Rivers Seafood. After your meal, stop in The Lazy Cow Ice Cream Parlor or C. Allen Confections for a sweet treat! Visitors from around Virginia enjoy afternoon strolls throughout downtown, taking in the unique architecture of historic buildings, churches, and homes that include period representatives from the Victorian Italianate, Queen Anne, and Gothic Revival architecture styles, as well as Sears mail-order houses. At the end of Main Street, visitors can take in breathtaking river views at Beach Park, where the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers meet to form the York. (Pictures and Summary Credit: Town of West Point, West Point Historical Society, and Peyton Brabrand)

30. King William Florist

For 15 years, floral arrangements from King William Florist have been featured in weddings throughout Virginia and beyond. Comprised of a sister team, King William Florist is proud to call Aylett, Virginia, home, and specializes in everyday flower arrangements, cut flowers, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, as well as home decor and gifts for all major holidays. King William Florist also offers workshops and classes throughout the year including wreath making, centerpieces, floral arrangements, and more.

A visit to King William Florist is a must stop as you discover the shops and boutiques of King William County and West Point. To plan your visit to either the King William or West Point store, check out KWF's website at If you are planning a wedding, Let Love Bloom with King William Florist and check out their beautiful portfolio at

(Pictures and Summary Credit: King William Florist)

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