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Sunset Kayak

Paddling Launch Sites

The Town of West Point and King William County offer multiple launch points along the tidal Mattaponi, Pamunkey, and York Rivers. Enjoy fresh and salt water paddling, wildlife viewing, and fishing. A self-service kayak rental station is available at the West Point Creek Kayak Ramp located in downtown West Point at 1302 Lee Street.


The blue crab is most often associated with West Point; yet it is only one of many marine animals that make their home in the town's brackish waters. Paddling the waterways of West Point, you are sure to see fiddler crabs and muskrats along the marsh edges. In the sky and along the water's edge, you'll see herons, bald eagles, and osprey. With over 30 different species of duck and geese visiting throughout the year, you are sure to see plenty of water fowl. Aquatic life changes with the seasons; catfish, croaker, spot, rockfish, and jellyfish are just some of the many species found in our rivers. On occasion, dolphins and sea otters can be spotted.

Along King William's pristine waterways, you'll discover an abundance of wildlife and vegetation in the tidal fresh water marshes, creeks, and rivers. Paddlers may see beavers, otters, tree frogs, a variety of songbirds, as well as herons, bald eagles, and osprey. From lily pads and wildflowers, to wild rice and other seed-bearing plants, visitors will spot multiple plant species. Anglers will enjoy fishing for catfish, perch, crappie, blue gills, shad, and largemouth bass.

West Point + King William Interactive Map

Zoom out to see eight launch sites in and near the Town of West Point and King William County, and click on each for directions and details. 

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