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New Year's Resolutions...the #WPKW way.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Lose weight, cut a bad habit, read more books, exercise… While these popular New Year’s resolutions are important, we have a different point of view when it comes to goals for the new year here in King William County and the Town of West Point.

Allow us to present 30 New Year’s resolutions, #WPKW style…

  1. More gazing down the mighty York River at Beach Park in downtown West Point

  2. More happy hours at Three Rivers Seafood along the picturesque banks of the Mattaponi River

  3. More hikes through the natural beauty of Zoar State Forest and Sandy Point State Forest

  4. More time enjoying all-natural wine and food on the observation deck at Mattapony Reserve

  5. More premium ice cream scoops at The Lazy Cow Ice Cream Parlor

  6. More walks through historic downtown West Point (especially when the trees are blooming!)

  7. More shopping with the award-winning Pearls and Chicks Boutique

  8. More delicious pizza and gelato at Roma King William

  9. More exciting fishing at Glass Island Fishing Pier

  10. More crunchy tacos at Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

  11. More undiscovered knowledge at the West Point and King William County Museums

  12. More southern fried chicken from Tony and George’s Seafood

  13. More baby goat cuddling at Riverwatch Farm

  14. More restorative getaways to Grateful Meadows, Sunrise Tides, or Lucky Duck Retreats

  15. More all-you-can-eat shrimp at The Blue Crab of West Point

  16. More unique treasures from The Exchange on Main

  17. More home redecorating from the classic Wyatt-Ogg Furniture Company

  18. More timeless fashion from Divin’ Off the Dock

  19. More centuries-old culture from the Pamunkey Indian Museum & Cultural Center

  20. More hardware (really WAY MORE THAN hardware) from West Point Ace Hardware

  21. More fresh fruit, veggies, bread, and seafood from Tommy’s Produce

  22. More authentic pasta from Anna’s Italian Restaurant

  23. More quiet paddling our three rivers and their tributaries

  24. More amazing deals from The Fix Thrift and The Fix Furniture

  25. More shopping for EVERYTHING from 360 Hardware

  26. More date nights at Halterman’s Eatery

  27. More home décor from The She Shed (and a new shed from The Shed Man)

  28. More gifts from the heart from King William Florist

  29. More faith from Fayth Works

  30. More fun rounds at Queenfield Golf Club

If it's more peace, more happiness, and more LIVING you seek in 2023, we invite you to visit West Point and King William and stay awhile, for a different point of view. For a full list of things to do and see, local events, places to dine and shop, as well as lodging, make sure you bookmark our Plan Visit and Events pages. We can’t wait to welcome you to #WPKW!


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