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Historic Garden Week in King William County

You’re Invited to America’s Largest Open House!

"Presented by the Garden Club of Virginia, Historic Garden Week encompasses tours organized and hosted by member clubs statewide. Starting in 1929, proceeds from the nation’s only statewide house and garden tour continue to fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic public gardens as well as a research fellowship program in landscape architecture."

Visit West Point & King William, VA is excited to announce that Historic Garden Week in Virginia is coming to King William County on Friday, April 21st! The Garden Club of the Middle Peninsula will host the Club’s tour in King William where when four private homes and two historic churches will open their doors for a day of Celebration of History, Conservation and Faith.

"Visitors will enjoy pastoral King William County on the Middle Peninsula, an area full of verdant landscapes, family farms and fields of grain. The courthouse, built in 1725, is the oldest courthouse in continuous use in the United States. This tour showcases four distinguished homes located in the Manquin area – one dedicated to celebrations such as weddings and family gatherings, one built for the homeowner’s love of wildlife and conservation, and two 18th century homes open for the first time for Historic Garden Week. Also included are two beautiful historic churches."

To learn more about the event and purchase tickets, visit

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