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Happy Birthday, West Point!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

2020. Whew…what a year. While these past nine months have been filled with unexpected twists and turns, this has still been a very special year in the life of the Town of West Point. Our beautiful little piece of Virginia turned 150!

Last winter, we began planning what we knew was going to be an amazing celebration of 150 Years of West Point. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our big event to ensure the safety of our residents and guests due to the pandemic, but we are still celebrating our town’s birthday – just a little differently.

Beginning now, residents and friends of West Point can visit Town Hall at 802 Main Street and purchase custom 150th Anniversary Commemorative Keepsakes including ornaments, desktop pen holders, and wall clocks. All items were proudly designed and made by West Point High School students and beautifully capture the essence of our 150th Anniversary.

In addition to our Commemorative Keepsakes, we are excited to announce the release of Untold Tales of Old West Point by Reverend William Palmer, Jr. The latest in a series of books written by Reverend Palmer delights readers with tales about West Point’s unique and storied past. From fascinating accounts about our town’s previous residents, to never-before heard stories about West Point’s history as a resort town, to decades-old unsolved mysteries, Untold Tales of Old West Point is the perfect read for everyone in West Point and anyone who loves our little town. Books can be purchased at West Point Town Hall as well as Divin’ Off the Dock, The Exchange on Main, Eltham Auto Clinic, and the Historical Society of West Point.

For those who love discovering new things while enjoying the outdoors, we invite you to visit West Point Town Hall and pick up a copy of our 150th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt which will take you on a fun adventure throughout our historic town. Pro tip – if you return your completed Scavenger Hunt to Town Hall, you’ll receive a free 150th Anniversary Ornament!

And finally, we invite you to join us for our 150th Anniversary Fireworks: A Celebration of the Town of West Point on Friday, October 2nd. Beautiful fireworks will light the night sky over the Pamunkey River beginning around 8:45pm.

There are many ways to celebrate our beloved town’s 150th Anniversary. From Commemorative Keepsakes to a Scavenger Hunt to our Fireworks Celebration, we hope you’ll join us as we take a walk down memory lane and reflect on 150 years of all things West Point. In the words of Reverend Palmer, “Much has changed, but the York River still reaches for the Chesapeake Bay beyond the horizon, just as it did in 1862.”

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