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Artisan's the bees knees!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Meet Dennis and Sarah Williams, owners of Bees Knees Farm and Creamery in rural King William County, Virginia. Bees Knees is a small, artisan farm focused on the following objectives: local, sustainable, natural, and compassionate.

Dennis and Sarah's journey began as an effort to develop pasture naturally, and has evolved into a passion for rejuvenating the land while providing for themselves and others.

​The farm's land was purchased as unimproved commercial pine forest. Clear-cutting some areas and strategic thinning of others revealed poor quality, acidic soil in dire need of organic content, pH correction, and nutrient revitalization.  The Williams' were and continue to be dedicated to their mission by using natural means only and no chemical fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides.

Bees Knees offers a wide variety of meat and dairy products, including chicken, pork, and goat meat options, as well as honey and goat cheese. For a full list of items available for purchase, visit

Bees Knees proudly serves the community year-round, and provides entertainment and education opportunities for visitors of all ages. The farm is open to guests every Saturday from 2 to 5pm and offers shopping at its Farm Store, cuddling with baby goats, farm tours, and more. Visit to plan your trip!

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